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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline for a Wedding in Naga City: Part I

12 Months Before The Big Day: The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline  for a Wedding in Naga City: Part I of the Series




Getting married in Naga City? Planning a wedding can be a stressful task that requires a great deal of time, effort, and mental energy. Between the venues and the food and the flowers, it’s easy to get lost in the madness of it all. So before the stress starts taking its toll on your relationship, take a deep breath. The secret to successful wedding planning is to go about it in an organized manner. So stop fussing and start prioritizing!

Weddings are a HUGE deal for Pinoys and Nagueños. We either go big or go really big! While Pinterest is crammed with lots of wedding planning timelines that are perfect for ceremonies held abroad, planning a wedding in the Philippines, specifically in Bicol is different. So if you’re a couple planning a wedding in Naga City check out our suggested wedding planning timeline series.


Congratulations! You’re engaged!


12 Months before the Big Day, you should…


  • Decide on a wedding date.


Select a date where your family and friends (especially those included in the entourage) are available.


If you have relatives abroad or from outside the province and you can’t imagine a wedding without them, you’ll have to check first whether the date that you chose works with their schedules.


Tip: For some reason, everyone wants to get married in June. That said, getting married in Naga City outside the peak season is more likely to be hassle-free. There’ll be less “competition” when it comes to venues or wedding vendors. You might even get discounts!

If you have your heart set on a certain venue or wedding vendor, it would be wise to book them as early as one year before so they don’t get snapped up! But before you do that…


  • Decide on a wedding budget.

More couples tend to go over their wedding budget than you think. A grand wedding in Naga City might cost you up to P300, 000 to P500, 000! That said, it doesn’t always have to be that way.  (One of our next articles will be filled with tips on how to plan a budget wedding in Naga City so watch out for it!)


When planning your budget for a wedding in Naga City another thing you should keep in mind are the less obvious expenses. These include the tips for the wedding vendors, corkage fees at the reception area, extra costs for additional guests/ time extension, the meals for the wedding vendors (If your makeup artist will be working on your face from early morning to noon, he/she is entitled to a free lunch, don’t you think?), and the food and transpo of your photographers and videographers if you’re having a prenup session.


  • Select your wedding party.


The typical entourage for a wedding in Naga City or anywhere in the Philippines is HUGE with best friends and sisters and cousins and second cousins and  so on… However, keep in mind that traditionally, the bride and the groom pays for the outfit of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. A smaller entourage would mean less clothes to pay for.


Tip: Another way to save up on clothes for the entourage is to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they’re willing to pay for their clothes themselves. Instead of throwing cash on couture dresses that they’re probably just gonna keep at the back of the closet after the event, have the bridesmaids wear stylish cocktail dresses. Ask them to collaborate so that their dress designs and colors look similar, if not exactly the same. Alternatively, you can just rent gowns / tuxedos for them.


Furthermore, bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t just there to look pretty for the cameras. They have important responsibilities like assisting the bride and the groom during pre-wedding preparations and even way before that. Bridesmaids accompany the bride when window shopping for a dress. They hold the bride’s massive dress up when she needs to pee. The maid of honor plans the bridal shower and prepares a speech for the reception. Likewise, the groomsmen accompany the groom when looking for a tux. The best man makes a speech and arranges the bachelor party. It’s also the job of the groomsmen to make sure that the groom shows up to the wedding (after the stag) in one piece!

Tip: Choose bridesmaids and groomsmen who are willing to help you with tasks like sending out the invitations and helping you make DIY souvenirs.

To put things plainly, choose your bridal party wisely. Select people who really care about you and vice versa.


  • Create a guest list.


The best deal is that both the bride and the groom gets an equal say on which persons to add in the guest list. If you’re planning on a budget wedding in Naga City then one of the smartest things you can do is to avoid over-inviting. A wedding is a wedding, not a family reunion or a barrio fiesta. This is your special day so surround yourself with people who actually matter to you. Intimate weddings are gaining more popularity these days anyway.


When counting the number of heads for the reception, don’t forget to count yourselves too! Also, don’t forget to include the vendors that will be working with you during the actual wedding day. That includes the wedding planners, the florists, the DJ, the host, etc.


  • Hire your wedding planner.

There are a few great wedding planners here in Naga City. Don’t sign up with the first one that you speak with. Meet up with each planner and make sure that they give you a detailed list of the services that they will be providing. The trick here is that if you’re not comfortable with asking the planner questions, then he/she is probably not the right one for you.

The best wedding planner is accommodating and willing to assist you every step of the way (regardless of whether you took the cheaper package or the most expensive one).

Make sure that the planner isn’t just friendly. He/she should be able to deliver results. In other words, each meeting should be PRODUCTIVE. If they’re just sitting there, gushing about how gorgeous your dream dress is and showing you photos on Pinterest while failing to provide actual useful information, then that should raise a red flag.

Moreover, a great wedding planner should be able to help you save more money for your wedding instead of encouraging you to spend more and more.


  • Secure your wedding venues.

Seriously. Some wedding planning articles would suggest that you do this somewhere around the sixth month before the wedding. But if you’re planning a wedding in Naga City especially a Catholic one, then you need you need to take into consideration the number of churches here in Naga and the fact that each church can only cater to a maximum of 2 weddings per day. Besides, if your heart is really set on a specific venue AND a specific date, then you should definitely reserve the place as early as a year before the wedding.


Tip: If you’re planning on having an intimate church ceremony or if you’re thinking of having a budget wedding in Naga City then consider booking a chapel instead of a church. It’s just the right size plus the rates are cheaper. More than that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on flowers ‘coz there are only a few rows of pews to decorate! Another thing you can do is to make the ceremony exclusive for your family and closest friends.  Then, invite the rest of your friends and relatives for the reception only.

Another awesome tip: Choose a wedding venue that will work well with your wedding theme. Rustic weddings are all the rage these days and garden weddings are simply classic and timeless. According to experts, woodland wedding themes are bound to be popular in 2017. Moraville the Garden is a wedding venue in Cam Sur that is versatile enough to match all these fantastic wedding themes and more.


  • Book your officiant.

Each church in Naga City will automatically provide you with a priest for your wedding. That said, if you have a particular priest in mind, then do inform the church beforehand.  The priest’s stipend is usually included in the church fee.


  • Research wedding vendors.

12 months before the wedding is the most ideal time to begin your research on various wedding vendors in Naga City. Before scheduling an appointment, request for their rates online. Compare the prices. Study the packages. There may be expensive services included in the package that you don’t actually need.

Check their websites and look at the photos and videos of their services. Don’t forget to view the ratings and the comments too. Just because a friend or a cousin has signed up with a particular wedding merchant, that doesn’t mean you have to automatically settle with that vendor. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask the questions that you feel should be asked. That said, to avoid wasting both your time and those of the wedding vendors’, make sure that you provide them with your wedding date immediately upon your first inquiry. It would be terrible if you ask all these questions and then find out afterwards that the vendor is already engaged on your chosen wedding date. It might also help to make a list of your inquiries. Don’t fire your questions at the vendors one at a time.

Tip: Some wedding vendors in Naga City like photographers and videographers give special price for clients who book early.


There you have it… A basic list of stuff that you need to do 12 months before your wedding in Naga City! Next month, we’ll explore the list of things that you should start thinking about 9 months before you say I Do!


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How to Get Married in Naga City : Civil Ceremony


How to Get Married in Naga City
If you’re wondering about how to get married in Naga City then you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you’ve read out recent post about 100 Reasons to Get Married. If not, then you should definitely check it out. The points mentioned there will enable you to look at marriage in a more positive perspective.

Naga City is wonderful place to tie the knot in due to its perfect blend of urban luxury and rural charm. If you’re a Nagueño, then getting hitched in your hometown is a perfect way to pay homage to your roots. Getting married in Naga City will help you ensure that you’re surrounded with supportive loved ones during your special day.

If you’re not originally from here, then you still might want to consider getting married in Naga City or even eloping here! 😉 Why? For one thing, the city has an impressive collection of old and very charming churches.
That said, not everyone who’s willing to take the plunge is ready for an elaborate church ceremony. There are several factors that can discourage couples from tying the knot such as lack of budget and lack of time/energy for planning.

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, here’s a perfectly agreeable alternative: Have a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City!
You might want to look for a hotel and restaurant which can make planning a wedding in Naga City a whole lot easier for you. Moraville Hotel and Restaurant takes care of everything from the banquet to the cake, from the table setting to the sounds and lighting, from the bridal car to the romantic accommodation.


So, what does it take to plan a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City?
The first step to getting married in Naga city is to obtain parental advice (if you and your spouse-to-be are both of marriageable age) or parental consent (if either you or your hubby/wifey-to-be are aged 18 – 21 years).
The latter would require your folks to put their consent in writing and also to appear personally at the civil registrar.

Meanwhile, the former needs to be in written form and attached to your marriage license application along with a sworn statement from you and your fiancé/fiancée stating that you’ve sought the advice.

The next step for getting married in Naga City is to obtain a marriage license. This is issued by the city registrar and would require you and your spouse-to-be to file separate application forms there.

Don’t forget to bring along with you original/certified true copies of your birth certificates!

After that, the local civil registrar will create a notice with your complete names and addresses to be posted for ten days on their bulletin board where everyone can see it. This will allow any impediment to your union to be made known. After this, your marriage license will be issued.
The third step for getting married in Naga City is to pick your wedding dates (if you haven’t already).



Then, schedule an appointment with the judge/authority who will perform the ceremony. This is also the perfect time to plan the after-party and reserve accommodations in Naga City especially if you have guests from out of town.
When you get married in Naga City the ceremony should be done in public in the judge’s chambers or in an open court.



The great thing about a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City is that you’re sure to be free from programs or scripts. The most important thing is that you and your partner promise to love, honor, and be with each other for the rest of your lives.
And finally, the last step for getting married in Naga City: the party!
Moraville Hotel and Restaurant offers a selection of wedding packages to suit every budget and theme.



presedential tab
Aside from the delectable menu, the wedding packages also include:

Wedding cake
Ice Carving (for Package D)
One night hotel accommodation
Breakfast for two (for Packages C and D)
Bridal Car
Lights and Sounds
Waiter Service
Skirted Gift Table
Fully dressed-up chairs
Decorated Cake Table
Floral centerpieces for all tables
Skirted Couple table + Bouquet
Table setting with motif toppings
Presidential table set-up with floral arrangement



moraville hotel&restaurant sample


At Moraville Hotel and Restaurant, we do everything we can to make your wedding beautiful, blissful, and stress-free.



So, are you ready to get married in Naga City?



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100 Reasons to Get Married


JUNE  28-29,2010 022


Veils, vows, in-laws, the whole enchilada… Is getting hitched really worth all that trouble? Isn’t it a whole lot easier to just move in with your partner and live happily ever after? So why bother with tradition?

While matrimony may not be for everyone, these 100 reasons to get married just might change your mind.


1) Perhaps one of the best reasons to get married would be to spend every waking moment of your life with the person you love. Now, if that’s not enough reason to tie the knot then I don’t know what is! ❤


2) Marriage allows you to show your love to each other in such a way that nothing else can.


3) One reason to get married is because you love your girlfriend/boyfriend so much that you want him/her to become your family.


4) Sealing the deal means you’ll have someone with you for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health… Well, you get the point. Getting married means you’ll never have to be afraid of having to face the world alone.


5) When you marry, you are committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life. This shows how much you love and respect your significant other.


6) Asking your loved one to marry you/agreeing to marry your loved one means providing him/her with emotional security.


7) One of the advantages of getting married is that someone will always care and ask about how your day went.


8) Marriage offers you stability in life.


9) Being married means having a permanent cuddle partner.


10) Your bed will always be warm.


11) You’ll also always have someone to talk to and share your crazy ideas with.


12) And when you’re away from home, you can be sure that someone will miss you (and your crazy ideas too). 🙂


13) White gown and walking down the aisle… That’s something that most women have been dreaming of ever since they were little girls. Surely, turning a dream into reality is more than enough reason to get married right?


14) Tick-tock goes the biological clock. 🙂 Think about it, you’ll never be as young or as healthy or as vigorous as you are now. So if you’re contemplating on starting a family, then you should consider taking your vows sooner rather than later. This way, you’ll still have the time and energy to earn the money needed to support your family’s needs.


15) Wedding cakes. Cake is always a legit reason for anything. 😉


60k package
16) One of the many advantages of getting married is that you’ll have a new family! You’ll have that sister/brother that you’ve always wanted yet never had. You can go shopping with your sis-in-law or watch football with your bro-in-law. Also, you can benefit greatly from your in-laws’ wisdom, guidance, and support.


17) Some might agree that one of the greatest reasons to get married would be to get past the whole dating thing. Yep, being married means your weekend date nights are fully booked. Like, forever. 😉


18) And this means you no longer need to hang out in clubs (or chat rooms).


19) One of the most awesome whys in our 100 reasons to get married list is that you get to say “I’m taken.” 🙂


20) You also get to say “He/She is mine.” ❤


21) And the best thing is you wouldn’t have to worry too much about how you look. You know that your spouse will still love you like no other. Stubbles and all… lol


22) And yes, you wouldn’t have to worry about your partner walking out on you when he/she sees what you really look like in the morning. haha


23) Another reason to get married is that you’ll always have someone to build you up and cheer you on. Successful married couples support each others’ dreams and ambitions.


24) And they pick each other up when one of them falls.


25) You can be confident that someone will always have your back. So come on, haters, bring it…


26) You’ll have someone to grow old with.You can take care of each other and make each other feel young again.


27) And even when you’re old and gray, your spouse is that one person in the world who will remind you of that time when you were hottest of the hottest! 😉


28) If you’re planning on raising kids, one of the advantages of getting married is that it’s the most ideal way to start a family. According to studies, people who were raised by married folks turn out to be more successful when it comes to building intimate relationships with others.


29) Making love is much more meaningful and pleasurable when you’re married. Why? Well, come to think of it, your hubby/wifey is that one person in this whole wide universe who knows you inside out. He/she knows your wants and your weaknesses like no other. Thus, intimate moments with your spouse is more fulfilling than say, sharing it with a stranger.


30) One super practical reason to get married would be to increase your financial power. Yep, come to think of it: your income + your spouse’s income.


31) Plus, you’ll have someone to split the bills with.


32) And your combined earnings can be used to fund mutual goals like travels around the world, a bigger house, starting up a business, etc.


33) While we’re still talking about the financial advantages of getting married, have you ever considered that matrimony makes you eligible for better benefits like tax breaks and cheaper health insurance?


34) You can file for Social Security spousal benefits. Now, that’s something you won’t be entitled to when you’re not legally married.


35) You’ll be eligible for survivor’s benefits from pension plans.


36) When you’re legally married, you’ll get to inherit even when your spouse passes without writing a will. Ahh but let’s not focus on that…


37) Perhaps, moneywise, the most appropriate reason to get married would be because it will provide you with a sense of financial accountability. You may have been prone to making risky financial decisions back when you were single but now, you need to discuss your decisions with someone.


38) Which brings us to our next benefit of getting hitched: Two heads are better than one. Problem solving is a whole lot easier when you have someone to do it with…


39) And someone to suffer the consequences with… lol


40) And someone to laugh over your mistakes with. 🙂 🙂


41) And someone to try again with.


42) Which brings us to this other reason to get married: Four hands are better than two. Your special skills + your spouse’s special skills = an invincible duo.


43) One of the more serious whys in our 100 reasons to get married list is that marriage makes your relationship more solid and certainly less volatile. You’re less likely to break up after a fight.


44) If breaking free from all the drama associated with casual dating gone bad and breakups and failed relationships isn’t enough reason to get married then what is?


45) Furthermore, studies show that couples who have had a public ceremony are more likely to stay together. That’s because signing a contract and having friends and family around them as witnesses reminds them of how permanent and sacred the binding act of marriage is.


46) Among the best advantages of getting married is that you’ll have someone to build better lifestyle habits with. Staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet is so much easier when someone is doing it with you.


47) You’ll have someone to plan your future/retirement with.


48) Being married means always having a travel buddy.


49) More importantly, no matter where you go, you’ll never get lost as long as you’re together. ❤


50) One smart reason to get married is that you’ll get to share responsibilities around the house, from taking out the trash to picking up groceries to doing the laundry.


51) Being married means when you get sick, you’ll have someone to nurse you back to health.


52) You’re probably thinking: Hey, my boyfriend/girlfriend can take care of me even without marriage. Sure, but have you ever thought about how, in case of accidents, only immediate family is allowed to enter the ICU?




53) Now it’s time to face the bad and the ugly. What happens when your partner is incapacitated but you’re not married? Chances are your decisions will be overlooked in favor of a blood relative. Basically, being married means having legal rights to make decisions concerning your significant other’s health.


54) Here’s another one of the top 100 reasons to get married: You can actually live in a house instead of an apartment and not worry about the fact that you’re wasting all that space.


55) You’ll have someone sleeping beside you to wake you up when you’re having a nightmare.


56) Because any excuse to get dressed up and look pretty is a legitimate reason. 😉


OCTOBER 001.jpg
57) Another one of the advantages of getting married is that you have more reason to cook decent meals. No more relying on Chinese takeout or pizza delivery or microwave dinners.


58) Marriage can give you that motivation that you need whether it’s to be healthier or to earn bigger. Everything that you do will affect your spouse so this means you become more responsible with your actions.


59) Having a permanent life partner means having someone who will nag you to death because they care about you so much. Your spouse is that one person in the world who’ll force you to stick with your new year’s resolution to lose weight,etc.


60) Hmm now we’re more than halfway through our 100 reasons to get married list! Keep in mind that getting married shows that you respect values. And values = a more meaningful relationship.


61) Furthermore, you get to form and honor new values with your spouse.


62) Being married means having a sense of pride each time your spouse achieves something. Because in a way, you’re a part of him/her.


63) Married couples are more relaxed compared to those who aren’t. They can chill and just concentrate on the relationship instead of having to worry about how long they’re going to be together.


64) Another wise reason to get married is that it ensures that your kids will get support even when you do end up separating.


65) Anniversaries! ❤


66) And anniversary presents!!! 🙂


67) Married couples live longer, happier lives. That’s a fact. Studies reveal that unlike singles, they are less prone to accidental deaths and heart diseases. Besides, I mean, gawd, do you honestly want to live alone in a house knowing that when you pop off, no one would even know?


68) Usually, employers can provide you with leave benefits in case your spouse is suffering from an illness. Conversely, your boss is unlikely to grant you leave when your BF/GF is ill.


69) Did you know that there are also psychological advantages of getting married? Studies reveal that married couples are less prone to developing depression. This is due to the increased release of serotonin and testosterone (which are potent mood boosters, btw) that married couples commonly experience.


70) Pictures. Do it for the pictures. 😉

71) Another reason to get married is that you’ll have a life-long confidante.


72) Get married ‘coz being married is a great excuse to say no to social invitations. As in: “Omg I’m so sorry I can’t go to your crapfest of a party because my hubby’s sick.” lol


73) Love your folks? One of the surest ways of making them happy is tying the knot and having a traditional ceremony. Ummmm unless your folks will be paying for the wedding then, IDK… 🙂


74) Furthermore, having a wedding ceremony is one of the ways in which you can reconnect with your roots and honor your culture/traditions.


75) Plus, you get to create new traditions with your spouse which is a super fun benefit of tying the knot.


76) One reason to get married which everyone realizes but rarely talks about is that having your own family enables you to establish boundaries when it comes to relatives.


77) One of the major reasons to get married is in order for your relationship to gain social and religious acceptance. Still think it’s too old fashioned? Remember that there’s a reason why matrimony has existed and survived for ages in functioning societies.


78) So you can get rid of that aunt who keeps trying to set you up with everyone from her church.


79) Another reason to get married (albeit a very petty one) is that the next time your old schoolmate comes up to you and starts bragging incessantly about his/her perfect family, you can put up your finger (ring finger, lol) and be like: “Oh, I’m happily married too, b*tch!.” 😉 Point is you got to wipe that stupid smirk off his/her face. Ha!


80) Aaanyways, one of the deeper reasons to get married is that you will always have someone you can share your deepest, darkest secrets with. And you wouldn’t have to worry about being loved any less. Your spouse is that one person is this world who has seen your true colors and still loves you unconditionally. ❤


81) Your spouse always and forever will be your #1 fan. Even if you can’t sing, or dance, or cook, or write that well, as far as he/she’s concerned, you’re a freakin’ superstar!


82) For the ladies (and for some guys too) getting married means having a handyman, rodent-killer, spider-killer, jar-opener available 24/7.


83) Many married couples will agree that one of the sweetest advantages of getting married is having a partner in crime.


84) Next up in our 100 reasons to get married list: Telepathic powers! Being married means you’ll always have someone who’ll get what you’re thinking by merely gazing into your eyes.


85) Your spouse is that one person who knows you as much as yourself. This means that in darker times, you’ll always have someone to remind you of who you really are.


86) Your spouse may be your best friend but he/she will also be your worst critic. You can depend on the fact that there will always be someone to give you total honesty at times when you need it most.


87) Another really huge reason to get married is to make sure that you won’t end up losing the best thing that ever happened to you. ❤


88) You can fart and burp all you want and yet your spouse will never ever leave you. The costs of hiring a divorce lawyer just ain’t worth it. *evil laughs* Point is, you’ll have someone to love you even when you can be absolutely gross sometimes. 🙂


89) Married couples have a special sensual chemistry that non-married couples just don’t have. It’s deeper, more intimate, and somehow more potent and lasting.


90) Reunions! Weddings are always a good cause for reunions.


91) Whenever you’re down in the dumps, just look into your husband’s/wife’s eyes and you’ll see all the wonderful things that he/she saw in you. Come to think of it, these qualities were enough to make him/her want to spend the rest of his/her life with you.


92) The advantages of getting married aren’t all exclusively for you. Weddings have a positive effect on the economy. Seriously, there are a lot of people (ex. wedding planners, florists, and even the bellboy who takes you to your honeymoon suite) who’ll get to earn their living through your wedding. So you see, you gotta get married because it’s clearly the humane thing to do. 🙂 🙂 🙂


93) But seriously, a perfectly valid reason to get married is in order to be whole. You’ve found your soulmate, that other half of your soul… So why not make it official?


94) Being married will allow you to gain a different, broader perspective in life as opposed to remaining single forever.


95) Among the most fun whys in our 100 reasons to get married list is this: Get married because it opens you up to new adventures. When you get hitched, you’re basically entering a new life. Kind of like a second life. You’re venturing into the unknown but it’s okay because you’re with that one person you love and trust the most.


96) You get to wear matching rings and matching everything without being corny. ❤ ❤


97) When you get married, you’ll come to learn, appreciate, and master the art of compromise.


98) Believe it or not, marriage makes you a whole lot more attractive to the opposite sex. That’s coz it means you’re so awesome that someone wanted to keep you for themselves forever. Not that you wanna have anything to do with that attention… But it’s good to be noticed from time to time, right? 😉 Anyway, it’s a great confidence booster.


99) It may not seem fair but our society is structured in such a way that married folks get more perks compared to singles. (ex. housing benefits in families-only neighborhoods, better consumer benefits, etc.)


100) And our last entry in our 100 reasons to get married list: Don’t just content yourself with reading/watching Nicholas Sparks novels/movies! Get married. This way, you’ll get to write your own love story. ❤

So, ready to put a ring on it?



K ❤

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