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How to Get Married in Naga City : Civil Ceremony


How to Get Married in Naga City
If you’re wondering about how to get married in Naga City then you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you’ve read out recent post about 100 Reasons to Get Married. If not, then you should definitely check it out. The points mentioned there will enable you to look at marriage in a more positive perspective.

Naga City is wonderful place to tie the knot in due to its perfect blend of urban luxury and rural charm. If you’re a Nagueño, then getting hitched in your hometown is a perfect way to pay homage to your roots. Getting married in Naga City will help you ensure that you’re surrounded with supportive loved ones during your special day.

If you’re not originally from here, then you still might want to consider getting married in Naga City or even eloping here! 😉 Why? For one thing, the city has an impressive collection of old and very charming churches.
That said, not everyone who’s willing to take the plunge is ready for an elaborate church ceremony. There are several factors that can discourage couples from tying the knot such as lack of budget and lack of time/energy for planning.

If you don’t want to go through all that hassle, here’s a perfectly agreeable alternative: Have a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City!
You might want to look for a hotel and restaurant which can make planning a wedding in Naga City a whole lot easier for you. Moraville Hotel and Restaurant takes care of everything from the banquet to the cake, from the table setting to the sounds and lighting, from the bridal car to the romantic accommodation.


So, what does it take to plan a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City?
The first step to getting married in Naga city is to obtain parental advice (if you and your spouse-to-be are both of marriageable age) or parental consent (if either you or your hubby/wifey-to-be are aged 18 – 21 years).
The latter would require your folks to put their consent in writing and also to appear personally at the civil registrar.

Meanwhile, the former needs to be in written form and attached to your marriage license application along with a sworn statement from you and your fiancé/fiancée stating that you’ve sought the advice.

The next step for getting married in Naga City is to obtain a marriage license. This is issued by the city registrar and would require you and your spouse-to-be to file separate application forms there.

Don’t forget to bring along with you original/certified true copies of your birth certificates!

After that, the local civil registrar will create a notice with your complete names and addresses to be posted for ten days on their bulletin board where everyone can see it. This will allow any impediment to your union to be made known. After this, your marriage license will be issued.
The third step for getting married in Naga City is to pick your wedding dates (if you haven’t already).



Then, schedule an appointment with the judge/authority who will perform the ceremony. This is also the perfect time to plan the after-party and reserve accommodations in Naga City especially if you have guests from out of town.
When you get married in Naga City the ceremony should be done in public in the judge’s chambers or in an open court.



The great thing about a civil wedding ceremony in Naga City is that you’re sure to be free from programs or scripts. The most important thing is that you and your partner promise to love, honor, and be with each other for the rest of your lives.
And finally, the last step for getting married in Naga City: the party!
Moraville Hotel and Restaurant offers a selection of wedding packages to suit every budget and theme.



presedential tab
Aside from the delectable menu, the wedding packages also include:

Wedding cake
Ice Carving (for Package D)
One night hotel accommodation
Breakfast for two (for Packages C and D)
Bridal Car
Lights and Sounds
Waiter Service
Skirted Gift Table
Fully dressed-up chairs
Decorated Cake Table
Floral centerpieces for all tables
Skirted Couple table + Bouquet
Table setting with motif toppings
Presidential table set-up with floral arrangement



moraville hotel&restaurant sample


At Moraville Hotel and Restaurant, we do everything we can to make your wedding beautiful, blissful, and stress-free.



So, are you ready to get married in Naga City?



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Moraville Hotel and Restaurant’s Eat All You Can Buffet

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Moraville Hotel and Restaurant Eat All You Can Buffet

A feast of Filipino and International Cuisine, complete with Drinks and Dessert

Moraville Hotel and Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At Moraville Restaurant, kids get to dine at a cheaper rate!

And guess what: Moraville Hotel guests need only to add +80 php to avail of the Eat All You Can Buffet!


Moraville Hotel and Restaurant

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