More Places to Visit in (or near) Naga City


More Places to Visit in (or near) Naga City

Whether you’re looking for fun and adventure in the city, in the islands, or way up in the highlands, Bicol has a great deal to offer.

Naga City is considered as one of the oldest Spanish royal cities. As such, it offers tourists with unparalleled culture and diversity. In Cam Sur, you’ll find a broad range of natural and man-made attractions that anyone afflicted with wanderlust must visit at least once in his/her lifetime.  Among these fascinations are the ancient churches from the Spanish era, the immaculate islands, and the exotic waterfalls.

This is a continuation of our previous post: Places to Visit in Naga City or Places to Visit Near Naga City.

The Plaza Quince Martires is a monument nestled in the bosom of the city. It was built during the American period as a tribute to the 15 Bicolano martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country during the Spanish colonial period.

Proudly made of brick and stone, the Peñafrancia Shrine is the old home of the image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. (It now resides in the Basilica Minore). Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the church itself possesses such a rich and captivating history.

When traveling to Naga City, indulging the taste buds is just as important as indulging your sense of sight! Moraville Restaurant’s Eat All You Can Buffet offers authentic Bicolano dishes such as laing, puto at dinuguan, and Bicol express. The great thing about the Moraville Restaurant buffet is that it comes complete with drinks and dessert! Have your fill of free-flowing fruit juice and go crazy over the maja blanca (a real crowd-pleaser).



authentic Bicolano dishes at Moraville Restaurant



Finding Your Way to Naga City

By plane:

Airlines like Cebu Pacific and PAL conduct several daily flights going to Naga City.

Don’t worry. Moraville Hotel and Restaurant offers FREE shuttle service to 24-hour guests. We’ll transport you safely and comfortably from the Pili Airport to the hotel. Just inform us of your date and time of arrival upon booking your accommodation with us.

By bus:

When visiting Naga City, take a bus going to Bicol Central Station/ Naga City Bus Terminal. Day trip or night trip, air-conditioned or ordinary, that’s all up to you. Lots of bus companies offer round-the-clock trips Naga City. The fare ranges from 600-1,200php for air-conditioned buses and about 500php for non-air-conditioned buses.

Moraville Hotel and Restaurant is just a 5-minute ride away from the Bicol Central Station (bus terminal). Just grab a taxi or if you’re on a budget, hop on a tricycle. (Regular fare is only 8 pesos)

By car:

Love road trips? Why not! Just be sure to book at a hotel with secure parking spaces for your wheels. The newly renovated Moraville Motorlodge’s executive room even has a private drive-in garage so you can sleep well knowing that your ride is safe.


Finding Your Way Around Naga City

You can get around Naga City by taxi (same rate as in Manila), tricycle, or jeepney (also 8php).

Of course, the most convenient solution would be to book accommodations located right in the heart of Naga City. Luckily, Moraville Hotel and Restaurant is situated right in the center of the bustling metro, within walking distance to and from restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, souvenir shops, and the Naga City public market. Public transportation is easily accessible to and from the hotel. Moraville Hotel and Restaurant is only a five-minute ride away to SM and to Magsaysay Ave which is the center of nightlife in the city. While checked in at Moraville Hotel and Restaurant, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk for assistance in calling a cab.


Finding Your Way Around Cam Sur

Want to explore the rest of the province? You can easily get around Cam Sur by taking jeepneys or vans (air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned).


malabsay falls


Mt. Isarog Natural Park is a great place to visit if you want to try waterfalls rappelling or if you just want to breathe in some fresh air.

How to Get There:

Mt. Isarog Natural Park is only a 30-40 minute jeepney ride away from Moraville Hotel and Restaurant. Alternatively, you may hire a taxi. From the drop-off point, you have to take a 1.5 km hike (approximately half an hour) to reach the entrance of Mt. Isarog Natural Park. The key is to enjoy the hike! Then, take photos of the lovely Nabontolan falls. Take a cool selfie (or a dip) by the neighboring Malabsay Falls. (see previous blog post)

A little too daring? You can always relax and just immerse yourself in the soothing waters of Panicuason Hot Spring Resort in Carolina.


Want to chase more waterfalls?

Conquer your fears and allow expert (and licensed!) guides to assist you in achieving that awesome adrenaline rush as you bravely hurl yourself off the Itbog falls in Buhi or the Nalata falls in Bula.

How to get to Bula:

Take a jeepney to Bula. The ride will take roughly 1 and a half hour from Naga City. From the parking area, expect a 15-minute hike through concrete stairs under bamboo groves. There you’ll discover the foot of the waterfall. According to natives, on the right side of the waterfall, you’ll find a cave entrance leading to another village.

Check out the Twin falls, the Slide falls, and the Shower falls. These falls in Pili is not only a place of interest for waterfall rappelling junkies but also for tourists interested in history. There you’ll also find wartime tunnels and a Japanese memorial.

What’s next? Admit it. You sooo want to visit Cam Sur! So book a ticket, book a room at Moraville, and get ready to fall in love with Cam Sur.


In our next post, we’ll explore the wonders of Camarines Norte! So stay tuned!


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